Rose Water Based , Hydrating , Pore Detoxing , Silky Smooth Glow Butter , Evens Skin Tone & Hydrates At the Same Time !

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Our Natural RAW Shea Glow Butter Cures Dark Spots , while Hydrating & Making Your Glow At The Same Time !

Ingredients : Rose water , Shea butter , ginger oil

This is a crisp and invigorating butter with ginger oil for mild detoxification on the skin . Our choice of oils provides refreshing and cleansing properties as well as promotes healthy skin, compacts acne, creates a beautiful glow and improves mental fortitude.
Your skin will love it!

How to use: Apply a small amount of butter to the skin and rub it in to hydrate your pores . A little goes a long way. Apply massaging movements to the skin and body . This can be used every day .

Comes in a 8oz jar.