Signature Facial Scrub - Mineral Rich All In One Skin Solution! Microfine Gentle Exfoliating Vegan Ginger Kiwi Avocado Cleanser - Hydrates - Moisturizes - Detoxes Pores - Clears Acne Scars - Dark Spots - Keeps Skin Smooth

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Has 15 natural ingredients ! Lasts for a month !!Great for acne ! Great for dark spots ! Even your skin tone ! Clear up your skin in the first week ! Facial scrub was made to use 2-3 times a week .


Please look at ingredients to see if you are allergic or have any skin conditions 

vegetable glycerin, chamomile, avocado oil , walnut oil , hazelnut oil , turmeric oil , tea tree oil , apple seed oil , watermelon seed oil , cucumber seed oil , kiwi seed oil , vitamin c & lemon

This facial / body scrub is the holy grail of skincare . It is a three step system in one made from scratch using cold process methods . Our recipe is filled with skin-loving , nourishing ingredients that your skin will love.

How to use: Apply a small amount of scrub after splashing water on your face Apply massaging movements for 60 seconds to the skin and or body . Rinse off with water.